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  • Silver Appleyard

    Silver Appleyard The Silver Appleyard duck is one of the best egg laying duck breeds, and one of the best tasting. When Reginald Appleyard developed…

  • Speckled Sussexspeckled sussex chicken

    Speckled Sussex The Speckled Sussex was developed in Sussex County, England over 100 years ago. It was famous there as a table fowl with pinkish…

  • Speckled Sussex Hatching EggsSpeckled Sussex Hatching Eggs

    Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs Pricing break at 15 eggs. We can offer no guarantee on hatching eggs. There are various factors involved in hatching eggs…

  • Standard Bronze Turkeys

    Standard Bronze Turkeys The Bronze has been the most popular turkey variety for most of American history. It originated from crosses between the domestic turkeys…

  • Sterling 7 mm Accessory Cord

    Sterling 7 mm Accessory Cord 15.5M MBS Rating (lb) MBS Rating (kN) 2,788 12.4

  • Teacup Pigs For SaleTeacup Pigs For Sale

    Teacup Pigs For Sale Teacup pigs, Mini Juliana pigs, Micro Mini pigs, Miniature pot belly pigs, whatever you want to call them, this is about…

  • Toulouse Geese

    Toulouse Geese Uses: Utility – meat, especially when crossed with Embden Geese. As a broody although due to their size, can break their eggs. Eggs: 20 to…

  • tufted roman geese for sale

    Tufted Roman Geese The Roman breed appears to have originated in Italy and is one of the oldest breeds. It is not a large goose…

  • Vulturine Guinea fowlBuy Vulturine Guinea fowl for sale

    Buy Vulturine Guinea fowl for sale Buy Vulturine Guinea Fowl are lare birds and one of the most unique-looking varieties of guinea fowl — easily…

  • Weeder Geese

    Weeder Geese Turn our Weeder Geese Group loose in your strawberries, corn, or cotton and let them do the weeding — they leave your crop…

  • Welsh Harlequin Duck

    Welsh Harlequin Duck welsh harlequin ducklings For Sale are a fairly new breed, developed by Leslie Bonnett in Wales from two lighter colored Khaki Campbells ducklings…

  • White Chinese Geese

    White Chinese Geese As with the African goose, the Chinese goose originates in China from the wild Asiatic Swan goose. The most distinguishing feature of…

  • White Crested Duck

    White Crested Duck The White Crested Duck is known for having a large crest on its head. These unique waterfowl are a good choice for…

  • White Embden Geese

    White Embden Geese White Embden Geese originated by the Em River in Germany and were first brought to the United States in 1821. Embden Geese…

  • White Guineas

    White Guineas The White Guinea Fowl can be found on farms throughout North America. Domesticated Guinea originated from the wild Guinea in Western Africa. Guinea…

  • White Star Hybrid Duck

    Buy White Star Hybrid Duck The White Layer was developed several years after the Gold Star Hybrid after many of our customers requested a a white egg-laying…