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White Star Hybrid Duck

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The White Layer was developed several years after the Gold Star Hybrid after many of our customers requested a a white egg-laying duck. White Star Hybrid ducks are foragers and very good layers — averaging 230-290 eggs per year. These ducks have equal egg production to the Gold Star Hybrid. All of the progeny of the White Layer are white. They will average 4-6 pounds when fully grown.

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White Star Hybrid Duck

What is a white layer duck?

The White Layer duck is a great forager and a prolific egg layer. It equals the Golden 300 Hybrid layer in production but has white plumage. This breed is calm, and the mature birds will average

You have officially made the decision to incorporate ducks onto the property. However, which breed to add is the question.

Should it be about egg color? The Cayuga duck breed has the ability to lay eggs in various shades of grey to charcoal colors.

Maybe the decision to raise ducks is about egg production.

Though it could be because cooking with duck eggs creates a better dish, pasta, dessert, and even bread.

Whatever the reason, ducks are comical and very independent. They require little attention, good feed, clean, fresh water daily, and time to forage

White Layer Ducklings Details

White Layer Ducklings for sale


When you picture a white duck floating on a pond, you are probably picturing just how a White Layer Duck looks. White Layers are pretty, and as a bonus, they lay LOTS of eggs.

Production: White Layer Ducks lay 220-245 eggs per year. Their eggs weigh between 75-90 grams. They are not demanding as they are good foragers.

Temperament: very calm

History: White Layer Ducks were developed because the originator of the breed wanted to be able to cost-effectively produce duck eggs. White Layer Ducks and Golden Layer Ducks were developed for the same reasons, and they differ only in color.

Colors: white.

Status: common.

Conservation Status: hybrid

Body Type: The weight of White Layers prevents them from flying.

Weight: Our breeders weigh 4.5 – 5.75 pounds during laying.

APA Class: hybrid

What is the difference between a white layer duck and a Pekin duck?

White Layer Ducks are very pretty ducks – they look like slimmer or more streamlined Pekin Ducks, with a white body, orange bills and feet, and dark eyes. White Layer Ducks lay over 240 eggs per year. … White Layers are also calm and don’t tend to panic as much as other ducks.

Are all white ducks Pekin?

Keepers bred the Pekin duck in only one variety – white. Simultaneously, the ducklings are yellow – and most likely the type of duckling you have seen on advertisements and storybooks.

What age do white layer ducks lay eggs?

White Star Hybrid Duck For Sale, start laying eggs at about five to six months old and continue to lay for several years. However, with proper care, a duck can live to be about 12 years old

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