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Buy White Crested polish Chickens


White Crested polish Chickens For Sale

The mature White Crested polish Chickens represent a striking contrast in color with their body plumage of lustrous White and crests of white with a few White feathers. The little chicks are cunning with their white bodies and white “top hats”. You will be delighted with these lovely and interesting chickens which are useful as well as attractive.

White Crested polish Chickens For Sale

Day Old White Crested Blue Polish Baby Chicks

Chicks hatching from March to September.

White Crested polish Chickens are the most well-known breed of crested chickens. Their funny “top hats” are certainly attention getters, and the White Crested Blue variety provides a striking visual contrast with the unusual blue feathers and adorable white crest.

Production: White Crested polish Chickens lay about 200 white eggs per year and have white skin, but are usually raised as pets. They are quirky and funny and entertaining to have around. They are considered non-sitters.

The distinctive crest must be kept clean, as it can cause problems with the eyes if left muddy or dirty. It can also sometimes impair the bird’s vision, which makes the Polish an especially skittish variety of chicken.

Temperament: Polish is a great choice as a pet. They are quite active, and need plenty of room, but tame easily. The White Crested Blue Polish makes a good pet due to its unique look and tame attitude.

History: The Polish are so named not because it comes from Poland, but rather because its crest looks something like the hat worn by Polish soldiers. Polish are the oldest and most well-known of the crested breeds. They are popular because of their appearance, but also because they are funny.

As early as the 1700s, Polish were known as a pure breed. As one of the more ancient breeds of chicken, the origin of Polish is unknown, but there is some evidence that they originated somewhere in what is now the UK.

The breed was standardized in Holland, Germany, and Poland, and the many colors today are in large part the result of work done by Arie Boland, a Dutch poultryman who was dedicated to preserving the breed.

Colors: As with all breeds that have a blue variety, genetics cause some to be blue, some to be black and some to be a splash. The standard White Crested Blue Polish chicken looks just like the name says: it has blue feathers on its body and a white crest.

Best Place To Buy White Crested polish Chickens

Best Place To Buy White Crested polish Chickens

The Polish is an unusual and beautiful bird with pretty soft plumage, delicate features and a large crested pompom on their heads.
They are absolute Divas and so, so fun to own and be around. They love human contact and will perch on your shoulder like a parrot chatting to you! They do make wonderful pets although not robust with being handled by young children. They need a gentle touch but will love the contact and attention! They have a plucky yet gentle nature, they are very inquisitive and want to be a part of everything that’s going on.
They do need extra care than your average chicken but if you want a pet that will love you and your cuddles and want to be with you in the garden then the Polish is for you!

Buy Polish Crested Chicken Eggs (Fertile Chicken Eggs / Hatchable Chicken Eggs)

White Crested polish Chickens

Buy Fertile Polish Crested Chicken Eggs

✅ Polish Chicken Eggs: Polish chicken lay white eggs. They begin laying around 5 months, which is earlier than most other breeds.

✅  Polish Crested Laying Eggs: The Polish crested chickens are usually kept for their eggs, but they do not lay the best. The Polish chickens aren’t recognized for their egg-laying abilities anymore, although they do lay a lot of eggs in general, roughly 200 eggs every year.

✅ Hatchable Eggs: Polish Crested Chicken eggs take 20 to 21 days to hatch, whereas other poultry eggs might take up to 30 days. A polish broody hen can be fed some newly hatched chicks after waiting for a few days, and if they accept them, the original eggs can be removed and replaced with more chicks.


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