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Weeder Geese


Weeder Geese

Turn our Weeder Geese Group loose in your strawberries, corn, or cotton and let them do the weeding — they leave your crop and eat the weeds. Our choice as to what breeds of geese are used to fill these orders (may include cross breeds).  It may be just one breed or several.


Weeder Geese

Weeder geese have been used for years to control unwanted vegetation in commercial crops, waterways and lawns. They have been most extensively utilized in Asia, but have also been used in the U.S. on crops such as cotton, berries, potatoes, mint, coffee and nut and fruit orchards.

What does weeding mean with geese?

Geese remove grass and weeds next to plants that cannot be removed by hoeing or cultivation. … Roots of the cultivated plants are not damaged as is so often the case with hoeing and machine cultivating.

In an effort to farm with fewer herbicides (or simply to save a little time and trouble in the garden) some homesteaders have grown interested in weeder geese. After all, who wouldn’t like the idea of having an animal do the weeding?

Before we go into the pros and cons of this option, a brief explanation is in order. A weeder goose can be any breed of goose that is kept to eat weeds. However, Chinese geese are preferred because they have a special talent for the job.

What breed are weeder geese?

White Chinese geese
What Breed Of Geese? As all geese eat the same vegetation, any breed will work as a weeder goose. White Chinese geese are often used as they have very active foraging habits and their long agile necks make them very effective grazers.


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