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Buy 2024 Best Tufted Roman Geese for sale Now Available


Buy 2024 Best Tufted Roman Geese for sale Now Available

The Roman breed appears to have originated in Italy and is one of the oldest breeds. It is not a large goose and is actually classified as a light breed for show purposes. It was credited for saving the Capitol at Rome during the siege by the Gauls in the fourth century BC. During the night, the assailants climbed to the summit, hoping to take it by surprise. The dogs slept but not the geese. The honking of the geese awakened Marcus Manlius and the intruders were repelled.

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Buy 2024 Best Tufted Roman Geese for sale Now Available

Tufted Roman Geese Details

Tufted Roman Goslings and Fertilize Eggs For Hatching Now Available

One of the oldest breeds of geese, the Tufted Roman Goose has much to offer, by way of its docile character and compact but meaty body. Buy 2024 Best Tufted roman geese for sale Now Available

Production: The Tufted Roman is considered a moderate egg layer and you can expect 25-35 eggs per year. They do not grow to an enormous roasting size, yet do offer a sufficient amount of meat.

Temperament: As far as geese go, the Tufted Roman tends to be quite calm.

History: Legend has it that geese played a role in ancient Roman history, by honking and making noise when intruders attempted to take over the Roman capital in 365 BC, making it one of the oldest domesticated breeds.

Interestingly, in Europe, there are non-tufted Roman Geese, but they are exceedingly rare in North America. Some people believe they are two separate breeds. In Europe Tufted Roman Geese are utility birds, but in the US, they are far more often raised as ornamental fowl.

The American Association of Poultry recognizes Tufted Roman Geese, and the guidelines outlined in the Standard of Perfection require a tuft. In many tufted ducks, the tuft is there as a result of the shape of the bird’s skull or an extra mound of skin. In the case of the Tufted Roman Goose, though, feathers form the tuft, by growing longer in that spot.

Colors: Tufted Roman Geese are all white. Some juveniles may retain some gray feathers, but it usually goes away with molting.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Critical. This means that there are fewer than 500 breeding birds in the United States. For this ancient breed to regain healthy population numbers, more breeders need to be raising it.

Body Type: A properly proportioned bird will have a round, full body with no keel, and dual lobes on the abdomen, and, of course, a prominent tuft that somewhat resembles a helmet.

Average Mature Weight: 10-12 pounds

APA Class: Light Goose

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