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Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs


Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs

Pricing break at 15 eggs. We can offer no guarantee on hatching eggs. There are various factors involved in hatching eggs and while they frequently do well, we have no control over the handling of the eggs once they ship.

Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs

Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs For Sale, If your looking to incubate your own eggs for perhaps the chickens with the best feather patterns the Speckled Sussex Hatching Egg would be a good choice. If you want to learn more about hatching your own eggs we have available  “A Guide To Better Hatching by Janet Stromberg. (see FAQ )

We also have available to order 1 day old chicks of the Speckled Sussex

Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs For Sale

Additional Shipping Information:
~I will ship eggs as close to the beginning of the week as possible so your eggs don’t end up sitting at the post office over the weekend.
~I guarantee fresh and fertile eggs. That being said, I cannot guarantee hatch-rate due to circumstances beyond my control once the eggs leave my care such as shipping, incubation method etc.
~I cannot guarantee specific availability dates for my eggs, as I cannot guarantee the laying rate of my Speckled Sussex. However, as long as the eggs are available from my hens, they will be shipped out the monday following the end of the auction.
~Please remember that eggs are “time sensitive” and cannot sit around once you get them, they need to be put into an incubator as soon as possible!


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