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Partridge Rocks For Sale 


Partridge Rocks For Sale

This is one of the best varieties for the exhibitor as it is quite rare and makes an outstanding show bird. The highly colored male has black hackle and saddle feathers with an edging of rich brilliant red, a lustrous greenish black breast and body touched with reddish bay on the wings.

The females are completely different with their brown plumage and distinct pencilings of black following the outline of each feather. These are fairly good sized birds though not quite as large as their cousins, the Barred and White Rocks. The yellow skin and plump body make a nice eating fowl, and the hens lay brown eggs. The baby chicks are a rich dark brown resembling the color of an expensive fur coat.

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Partridge Rocks For Sale

Partridge Rocks

The Partridge Plymouth Rock is an American creation developed by mixing Partridge Cochin, Dark Cornish, and Golden Wyandotte. … Like other Plymouth Rocks, they have a gentle temperament and are not only good egg layers, but also grow to a large size, making them excellent dual-purpose chickens.

What color eggs do partridge rocks lay?

Type: standard
Egg Color: brown
Egg Size: medium
APA Certified: yes
Egg Production: good


How often do Partridge Rock chickens lay eggs?

200 to 280 eggs each year
Plymouth Rocks lay an average of 200 to 280 eggs each year. Their eggs are usually of above-average size and range from tinted to medium brown. They seldom brood or set on their eggs until hatching, but when they do, they make good mothers

Are Partridge rocks broody?

They lay large brown eggs, and like all Plymouth Rocks, the Partridge lays throughout the year with no decrease in production during the winter months. Hens may also be broody. Temperament: This is a calm and friendly breed, able to get along well with people and other animals.


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