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Niederrheiner Chicken For Sale


Niederrheiner Chicken For Sale

This is a dual-purpose German breed from the Lower Rhine area. It is somewhat like an Australorp in type, with the roosters weighing 4 kg (10 pounds) and the hens 3 kg (7 pounds).

Calm, non-setting birds, they lay around 200 eggs per year. Niederrheiners are found in Blue, Cuckoo, Crele, Birchen and Partridge varieties.

There is also a bantam form.


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Niederrheiner Chicken For Sale


Why? She probably wouldn’t like knowing you enjoy spending all day with a bunch of cute blonde chicks. Unless if you tell her that these cute blondies are utility birds, where roosters can reach about 10 pounds. Meanwhile the hens keep producing beautiful light cream-colored eggs. “Impossible!” She says, “How can a bird so beautiful also be so functional?” The lemony and orangey-barred stripes against white makes you want to bust out a lemonade and Orange Creamsicle to make any day feel like the 4th of July!

“No! I can’t be eating BBQ for the rest of my life!,” your wife says. “But honey,” you exclaim, “these Niederrheiners come from the best pedigree! Buff Orpingtons, North Holland Blues, Barred Rocks, Malines…just to name a few.” Now that she understands that these docile, friendly chickens will not only be a great table bird, but she’ll soon realize they also make great companions if you keep a few as pets.

Developed in the early 20th Century in Germany, the Niederrheiner Chicken For Sale have only recently been introduced to the United States. Although there are some numbers of Niederrheiners in Europe, they are relatively rare in the U.S. As far as autosexing is concerned, breeders from around the world apparently cannot distinguish the males from the females on Day 1. However, we are detecting a pattern at Überchic Ranch. Once we complete our study, we will publish our findings.

Are Bielefelder chickens broody?

Niederrheiner Chicken For Sale
Niederrheiner Chicken For Sale
Bielefelders are good foragers, cold-resistant and quiet birds, that are not very motivated to fly. … The hens start laying at a young age, and lay eggs by impressive numbers (about 230 eggs per year), but they rarely go broody.

What would happen if you took the extraordinary sophistication of German engineering and applied it to the challenge of creating the uber-chicken? You might create something like the Niederrheiner Chicken For Sale. This breed was developed in Bielefeld, Germany in the early 1970s by a poultry breeder named Gerd Roth, and the breed is highly valued in its native country. Herr Roth used a number of breeds in developing the Bielefelder including the cuckoo Malines (also imported by Greenfire Farms), Amrock, Wyandotte, and the New Hampshire. In 2011, Greenfire Farms was the first to import Bielefelders into the United States. In 2013, and again in 2017, we imported unrelated bloodlines of Bielefelders.

The introduction of modern chicken breeds is often accompanied with much hype, but in the case of the Bielefelders the superlatives happen to be true. If you could choose only one breed of chicken to keep the Bielefelder would be the breed to select. Their large meaty carcasses, huge eggs, autosexing function, gentle temperaments, and beautiful feathers make them a top choice in almost every category.

Bielefelders consistently lay some of the largest brown eggs of any chicken breed that we have kept at Greenfire Farms, they lay them in very impressive numbers, and they start laying at a young age. The eggs are a color that is unique to this breed. Their beautiful shade of brown, which often contains pink undertones, is distinct in appearance from other chicken breeds. Hens are also unusual in that despite their large size they are extremely gentle, and you can remove the eggs from under the hens without being pecked; a practical everyday benefit given the mass and power of these birds.

Embedded in the Bielefelder DNA is the autosexing function; day-old chicks can be easily sexed based on their feather color patterns, and this trait is passed on with each generation. To learn more about autosexing chicken breeds read the section on this subject on this website. The complex color pattern in the adults is known as Kennfarbig and in English would be called cuckoo red partridge. Even in its native land Bielefelders command a very high price today, and they are virtually unknown outside Germany.

Egg Color brown
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds yes
Country of Origin Germany

Bielefelder Chickens For Sale In Texas

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Bielefelder Chickens For Sale In TexasBielefelder chickens were developed in Germany in the early 1970’s and are still highly respected in their native country. Many breeds were used when developing the Bielefelder, including the cuckoo Malines, Amrock, Wyandotte, and the New Hampshire.


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