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Murray’s Big Red Broiler


Murray’s Big Red Broiler

Murray’s Big Red Broiler is an updated version of our old favorite, the Red Ranger. A new cross produces a table bird in just 12 weeks.  Just like its predecessor, Murray’s Big Red Broiler is a great pasture bird and excellent forager. If you want a broiler without any of the fuss of fast growing CXR’s, this is the bird for your table. Everyone who raises their own meat birds know that they have a better taste than anything you can buy in the store. Take our VP’s advice and spatchcock these, a little salt and pepper and bake for the best roasted chicken ever.

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Murray’s Big Red Broiler

Raising Chickens for Meat

Raising your own meat allows you to be sustainable and consume a clean food source. It also gives you a greater appreciation for the food you put on the table. However, raising chickens for meat takes work, and knowing which breed is best for your property. Is the type of broiler you wish to raise important? It most definitely is.


Murray's Big Red Broiler

Because I’m a fair person, I like to show both sides of our experiment. Here are the good things we found with the Red Rangers.


Red Rangers certainly lay eggs (although the number of eggs per year depends on who you ask), and they are definitely a meatier choice as far as dual purpose breeds go. So if you’re looking for a dual purpose bird, Red Rangers could be your ticket. Some people have said that Red Rangers can be duds at laying. Clearly, that was not our experience, but perhaps it depends on the batch.

How big do red broilers get?

Red Ranger Broilers have strong and thick yellow-colored legs and feet and are quite hardy and sturdy looking. They are a classic reddish-brown with black highlights on the tail. They have red combs and wattles. Weight: 9-10 week-old males will be about 6-7 lbs, 9-10 week-old females should weigh about 5-6 pounds.

What are broiler chickens good for?

Broiler chickens are raised primarily for meat rather than to lay eggs. These poultry are often white and are bred to be large and very healthy, often with more breast meat for the consumer market. Broiler chicken breeds grow very fast and offer good value in terms of protein and calories.


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