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Jumbo Pekin Duck


Jumbo Pekin Duck

The Jumbo Pekin Duck For Sale, a meat type duck, is bred for size primarily and not for show. The Jumbo Pekin is approximately 15-18 percent larger than standard white Pekins, and weigh about 9-13 pounds.

SMALL ORDERS: Orders of 2-9 ducks and geese are ship immediately . A small order charge of $45 will be added to all orders of less than ten ducks or geese. This fee includes boxing fees, handling, and heat packs.

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Jumbo Pekin Duck

They are probably the largest Pekin you can get. For exhibition they are excellent for Meat Pens but do not have the special conformation necessary for show Pekins. They have been bred for size and meat production, not the specialized standards of show Pekins. Please note our breeders do not look particularly large as they have been on a diet most of their life prior to egg production. By keeping them slim and trim we are able to increase egg production by at least 40% and fertility by 10%. If they are not kept on a diet, the males reach at least 11 pounds and the females 9.5 pounds in three months.

For those raising ducks for the first time, Pekins are a common entry point. For those who are exploring all the duck breed options, Pekins may seem ordinary, but they’re still worth considering owning. They come with a host of attractive traits. They’re popular for a reason: they can do just about everything. Pekins are unbeatable meat birds, good layers, pretty, friendly, calm, hardy, fertile, easy to find, and just lovely little ducks overall. Whether you’re new to ducks or experienced, whether you’re interested in ducks for eggs, meat, or pets, Pekins are not a breed you can ignore.

Jumbo Pekin Duck For Sale

Your Jumbo Pekin ducklings are from a pure male line and they are probably the largest you can get; within months, they will weigh 9-13.5 lbs. They tend to be very calm birds, and the females lay 140-175 extra-large eggs weight 90-100 grams per year. Almost all the eggs will be white, with less than 2% tinted blue-green. Pekins are the most common domestic duck – the adults are pure white and the ducklings are a cute yellow.

Our ducks will fully integrate with all the other breeds that we offer. If you want purebred ducklings hatching from your ducks, make sure you separate your ducks by breed during the mating season. Or you can let your ducks cross and see what different shapes and colors you will get with their ducklings.

Are Jumbo Pekin ducks friendly?

As noted, Pekin ducks, both hens, and drakes are known to be friendly and non-aggressive poultry birds. They sometimes accept being petted by those who are raising them as either a pet or egg bird.

What is the most famous duck in the world?

Donald Duck

Arguably the most famous duck in the world, Donald Duck’s grumpiness and weird speech hiding his heart of gold has captivated generations. It’s weird however to know that the breed he’s based on is actually a pretty chill and friendly breed, usually kept as a pet.


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