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Jumbo Cornish X Rocks


Jumbo Cornish X Rocks

Jumbo Cornish X Rocks (Cornish Cross) is the most remarkable meat-producing chicken we offer. The Cornish Cross Rock is a hybrid developed by crossing the commercial Cornish chicken with a White Rock chicken.

Our special matings produce baby chicks with broad breasts, big thighs, white plumage, and yellow skin. These broiler chickens are known for their remarkable, rapid growth and feed efficiency. Whether you are looking to raise these top-selling meat birds for your own pleasure, or to raise and sell, you won’t find better.
Females will have a fine, smooth finish when dressed and reach beautiful roasting size. Buying straight run chicks gives you some of each sex so that you can take advantage of the strong points both ways. Males will dress from three to four pounds in six to eight weeks, and females will take about one and a half weeks longer to reach the same size.
We think our Jumbo Cornish X Rocks are among the finest meat birds in America — we fill our own family freezers with them every year!
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Jumbo Cornish X Rocks

Jumbo Cornish Cross Broiler Chicken

Jumbo Cornish X Rocks (Cornish X), (Cornish –Cross), (Broiler), (Cornish/rock), (Jumbo Cornish cross) is a cross between the Commercial Cornish chicken and a White Rock chicken. They were developed for the commercial meat chicken market and have been dominating it for the past fifty years. Cornish game hens for sale can reach 4 1/2 lbs by 6 weeks of age and cockerels 6 lbs by 6 weeks of age. They grow so fast that their legs may give out from their weight and it is not recommended that they be kept for breeding. You can take away the chicken feed at night to restrict the feed intake to slow the growth of the chicken.

This will allow the bones and tendons to catch up with the rapid growth of the Cornish broiler or as some call a game hen. However, do not use small particle bedding (like saw dust or small shavings) because when restricting their feed they will eat too much of their bedding material and cause sickness and death. This breed is bred specifically to butcher or harvest and is not recommended for a pet and only as chickens for meat production. Generally, if the Cornish broiler chicken is NOT butchered or dressed it will have health issues with the heart, bones, muscles, tendon and sores from sitting all the time.

This breed is your best option for efficient feed/time to butcher weight and is the best choice for raising chickens for meat. Global Poultry Co. Ltd® currently hatches the “Ross 308” blood line/strain. It is recommended to harvest this chicken broiler between 4-10 weeks of age depending on desired weight. It takes roughly 14 lbs of feed to get 1 chick to 8 weeks of age. At 8 weeks the expected average weight (averaging for male and female) is 6 ½ pounds of live weight.

Raise these chickens in a free range chicken coop and try out your best chicken recipe for your family. Feed high protein feed that is 21% or better. Fluid in the body cavity (Ascites) and/or leg weakness may result and it may be necessary to restrict the feed intake – slowing down the growth rate. Note: The Cornish broiler may not do well if you are in a high elevation in the USA. They will be more prone to heart attacks and health issues at high altitudes, so please take this into consideration before ordering them.

High Yielding, Fast Growing Cornish Cross Broilers yielding process weights of 4.5 to 6 lbs. in 6 to 8 wks. Browse our selection of Cornish Cross chickens for sale.

High Yield Broad Breasted Cornish Cross breed that makes great fryers (broilers) and roasters because of the weights that can be achieved.

This breed has an excellent feed conversion, livability, strong legs, and a maximum white meat yield with a plump full confirmation. At 6 to 8 weeks of age processed weights of 4 ½ to 6 lbs. can be obtained. Higher weights can be obtained depending on the final grow out duration. With using a well-managed care and feeding program, customers have achieved processed weights of 10 to 14 lb. roasters and capons within 10 to 14 weeks.

You can also use this breed for Cornish-Poussins (French for young chicken) 28 to 31 days will yield a processed 1 to 1 ¼ lb. bird; 32 to 38 days 1 ½ to 2 lb. bird.

Not all Cornish cross are the same, we use a breed that holds their weight and do not go down on their legs.

How big do Cornish rocks get?

These are fast growing, meat-type chickens grown and raised by thousands of Americans across the country. We often use the term “explode” when referring to their rapid growth, as they are in the 5-6 pound dressed weight range at 49-56 days.

Are Cornish Cross and Cornish Rock the same?

The original Cornish cross chickens were a cross between a Cornish chicken and a white rock chicken. They are also called “Cornish Rock cross” or “Cornish Rock” chickens.


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