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heed hedgehog For Sale


heed hedgehog For Sale

NAME : Navigate
GENDER : Female
BORN : 09/11/21

heed hedgehog For Sale

Run by two animal lovers who set out to raise up friendly, healthy and colorful baby hedgehogs, Sun Coast Hedgehogs is USDA licensed breeder of hedgehogs located in Jacksonville, Florida. Animal care is our number one priority above all else. Our breeding program focuses on producing easy to handle hedgehogs in a variety of colors.

Learn More About Us & Hedgies

Pet hedgehogs are unique animals so they also make unique pets. Not only do they eat a very different type of food when compared to other pocket pets, but they are covered with tiny little spikes and roll into balls when scared. Sonic the hedgehog may have been all blue and cool in the Sega video games but the real animals have their own special appeal that only hedgehog lovers can understand.

heed hedgehog For Sale
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Hedgehog Statistics

  • Name: African pygmy hedgehog
  • Size: Five to eight inches long
  • Lifespan: Average of five years

As their name implies, African Pygmy hedgehogs are native to central and eastern Africa but most of these hedgehogs are actually a hybrid of two species – the Four-toed and Algerian hedgehogs. Their wild counterparts cover miles of ground each day in the wild where they can be found throughout Gambia, Mozambique, Somalia, and other African nations. In the wild they also live primarily off of small insects, grubs, snails, spiders, and small vertebrates – a diet we strive to mimic in captivity.

Hedgehog Diet

Unlike most other pocket pets, hedgehogs are considered insectivores and these snouted critters have quite the taste for things that creep and crawl. Mealworms and crickets are the most commonly fed insects in captivity but the staple diet for a hedgehog should be a store-bought, specially formulated hedgehog kibble. This kibble has mashed up insects along with vitamins and minerals to create a balanced diet specifically formulated for an African pygmy hedgehog. Many owners and breeders still feed kitten food to their hedgehogs but this is not ideal since cat food does not contain blood meal and chitin in it.

Can you buy a hedgehog at PetSmart ?

Unfortunately, PetSmart does not sell hedgehogs in-store or online as of 2021, however, PetSmart does sell a range of products for hedgehog owners. Customers can visit local breeders and animal shelters to buy hedgehogs but should make sure their state does not restrict hedgehog ownership.
Shipping Policies

Shipping fees are non-refundable once we’ve purchased the plane ticket for your hedgehog. If you decide to pick up your hedgehog in person before we’ve purchased the ticket, we can refund all or a portion of the shipping fee depending on whether or not we’ve already paid for the Health Certificate or Pet Carrier.

heed hedgehog For Sale

Why do we have to Ship via Airlines?

There are two options for legally and safely shipping hedgehogs: either by airline or through a door-to-door pet courier service. Shipping by courier is much more expensive, so we offer flat-rate shipping* via Airline. We use Delta Cargo Services for shipping hedgehogs.


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