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guinea fowl royal purple


Purple Guineas

Purple Guinea Fowl are a cool coloration of the super popular guinea fowl- great for managing pests and unwanted insects such as ticks on your property.

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guinea fowl royal purple

guinea fowl royal purple from Global Poultry is a dark and beautifully colored variety of Guinea Fowl and can be found on farms throughout North America. Domesticated Guinea originated from the wild Guinea in Western Africa. Guinea Fowl are extremely useful and hardy domesticated landfowl and their wide range of utility and low to zero maintenance once mature have helped them become increasingly popular throughout countrysides across North America in recent years.

As Lyme Disease, a tick born illness, has become more and more prevalent in the Eastern United States, many farm owners with livestock and family have turned to Guinea Fowl to help eradicate the danger. Guineas are especially known to immensely enjoy snapping up ticks out of tall grass where they tend to thrive and pose threats to dogs, children, and livestock nearby.

Guinea Fowl are also known for their alert behavior and vocal nature. Guineas are said to be effective at warding off hawks, rats, foxes and snakes with their cry; helping to protect not only themselves, but other chickens, ducks, or geese, on the farm that are prone to attack by predators. The Purple Guinea Fowl are darkly colored with a subtle purple sheen to their plumage. Purple Guinea Fowl do not have the regular pearl shaped dots on their feathers but will show some of these staple markings along with some barring along the flanks of the bird.

Guinea fowl are truly beautiful birds. Most, including the white, have at least a few spots, appearing more like tiny squares than dots. These unusual feathers, especially those of the pearl guinea fowl, are often used in hats and for crafts such as Dream Catchers and decorative gourds. I have also used them in the artistic design section of the local flower show in arrangements. The entertainment guineas provide is reason enough to own a few. They are quite humorous to watch as they dart across the yard like little roadrunners.

guinea fowl royal purple are often referred to as the farmer’s watchdog. When on free-range, they come to know just who does and does not belong on your property. The guinea fowl is the most active gardener on the farm. Continuously on the move, they pick up bugs and weed seeds with nearly every step they take.

They will walk right through flowerbeds picking bugs off the plants as they go along, without harming a single tender leaf! Unlike chickens, guineas do not scratch; therefore do not harm delicate plants or flowers in gardens. Guinea eggs can be eaten just like chicken eggs and should be collected daily for food consumption. Mail order is the easiest way to find a particular color of guinea. Mail order is also the easiest way to receive the keets at a time most convenient for the homeowner to care for them.

*Information extracted from Gardening with Guineas by Jeannette S. Ferguson


Guinea Facts:  

  • Female Weight: 3-4 lbs
  • Male Weight:  4-5 lbs
  • Egg Production: 60-100 Per Year
  • Hardiness:  Hardy
  • Personality:  Watch Dogs
  • Flying Capability: Yes

What colors do Guineas come in?

Guinea fowl colours are mostly just shades of blue , brown and white or combinations thereof. They do not always breed true and there are no distinct feather patterns as you would get in chickens. They are either plain or spotted. Above – Multicoloured keets in a brooder.

What does a royal purple Guinea look like?

Royal purple keets are brown with small irregular black striping on the back and the top of the head. The face, front of the neck, belly, and wings are white. … When fully grown, royal purple guineas are a very dark black color with a lovely purplish sheen

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