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DT Goshawks now that the breeding season is nearly hear I’m glad to say I’m now taking orders for pure white and pure silver and also 3/4 whites all my Birds are from the Best lines you can get from over hear Keith Sherry /Angelo Kanape the list goes on I’ve uploaded some photos of the birds I will be using and also photos of some of the Birds I have bred over the years all birds are proving in the field with most females flying well over 3lb.

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The Northern Goshawk is the bigger, fiercer, wilder relative of the Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s Hawks that prowl suburbs and backyards. It’s an accipiter—a type of hawk with short, broad wings and a long rudderlike tail that give it superb aerial agility. These secretive birds are mostly gray with bold white “eyebrow” stripes over piercing orange to red eyes. Northern Goshawks flash through forests chasing bird and mammal prey, pouncing silently or crashing feet first through brush to grab quarry in crushingly strong talons.

What do goshawks look like?

The front of the goshawk’s body is white and patterned with pale grey horizontal bars. Its head is primarily grey with a pale stripe across its distinctive, bright red eye.

Goshawks have broad wings which are grey on top and range from pale cream to white underneath. It has long yellow legs and sharp talons. They are large birds, roughly the same size as a buzzard. The female goshawk is larger than the male, and juveniles have brown feathers.

Not to be confused with: the sparrowhawk. It is much smaller, no more than half the size of a goshawk.

What do goshawks eat?

A high-speed hunter that effortlessly weaves through its woodland home, the goshawk can take a wide variety of prey. Common food includes other birds, such as wood pigeons, corvids (members of the crow family) and game birds. Squirrels, rabbits and other mammals are also regularly taken.

Buy Goshawks

Buy Goshawks

How do goshawks breed?

The goshawk’s nest is built close to the trunk of a tree and reused for several years. Females stay in the nest while males hunt for food.

Young are raised between March and June. Between two and four eggs are laid per clutch.

Goshawk fledglings become independent after around three months. Before they leave the nest, they will engage in ‘branching’: spending time outside of the nest before they are strong enough to fly. They reach sexual maturity at two years old.

goshawk in flight alamy cntn5r blickwinkel.jpg?center=0.484472049689441,0.67832167832167833&mode=crop&heightratio=0

Credit: Blickwinkel / Alamy Stock Photo

Where do goshawks live?

Buy Goshawks

The goshawk has a scattered population across the UK, with the greatest numbers in Wales and southern Scotland.

Where do goshawks live?

Goshawks continue to be shot and trapped on private land. In Britain, they are faring best in large forestry plantations and generally prefer areas as far away from humans as possible. In Germany, it’s a completely different story, and they’re quite easy to see in central Berlin.


What do goshawks hunt and eat?

Goshawks (from the Old English for “goose-hawk”) are more likely to hunt hares, rabbits, squirrels, waterfowl, game-birds, corvids and pigeons, and will crash through vegetation in pursuit and even give chase on foot.

Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) protecting its pheasant prey

How much does a hawk bird cost?

A trained hawk can cost upwards of $1,000. Training a hawk to hunt successfully can take a long time which makes successful hunters quite pricey.

Can I keep a hawk as a pet UK?

As mentioned, there is no specific law about who can own a bird of prey, other than it must have been bred in captivity and not taken from the wild. As birds of prey are protected by law in the UK it is a criminal offense to take or keep a wild bird of prey in captivity, including rescue cases.

Can you own a goshawk?

(B) You may take and possess any species of Falconiform or Strigiform except a bald eagle. (2) At least two letters of reference from people with experience handling and/or flying large raptors such as eagles, ferruginous hawks, goshawks (Accipiter gentilis), or great horned owls (Bubo virginianus).

How can I get a hawk?

The eight steps you must follow to become a falconer:

  1. Take and pass falconry exam.
  2. Hunting license requirement.
  3. Develop a Sponsor.
  4. Get your facilities and equipment.
  5. Request an Apprentice falconry packet from California Department Of Fish & Wildlife.
  6. Trap your bird.
  7. Submit More paperwork.
  8. And you are a falconer!

How much money is a pet hawk?

On average, be prepared to spend about $650 to $5,000 per bird, and the cost will depend on the type of hawk, gender, age and who you’re purchasing it from. All in all, in order to own one legally, you must become a licensed falconer.


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