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Gamefowl Tiecord For sale


Gamefowl Tiecord 

Condition:  New
 Type: Tie Cord

Gamefowl Tiecord | Gamefowl Tiecord Game Fowl Tie Cords Gallos Rooster

Gamefowl Tiecord For sale Game Fowl Tie Cords Gallos Rooster. Don’t buy some cheap knockoff. These are the same tiecords I have been using on my gamefowl farm for years. They are 6′, have heavy duty swivels, nylon slip hitches (colors may vary). Nylon washers are used between contact points to increase longevity. great Gamefowl supplies. Condition: New, Brand: Cold Cocked Gamefowl, Poultry Type: Chicken, Type: Tie Cord

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