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Buy Fresh Turkeys Eggs

Buy Turkey eggs are about the size of duck eggs, typically brown and speckled. They taste similar to hen eggs but with a richer and creamier yolk. Some chefs believed turkey eggs make superior sauces and contribute a chewier texture to baked goods.

Turkey eggs contain nearly twice as many calories as hen eggs. Turkey eggs are a rarity in the market due to the expense associated with the cost of production. Turkeys lay less frequently than hens, and require more feed and space to grow and lay.

Buy Fresh Turkeys Eggs For Sale


Fresh Turkey Eggs for Food. Looking for Turkey Eggs online? We deliver fresh Turkey eggs online, at your door. Turkey eggs are similar to hen eggs in terms of their taste. They are a bit bigger than the chicken eggs and a bit thicker.

What are the Vitamin Contents of Turkey Eggs Delivered Fresh?

Fresh Turkey Eggs for Food are very rich in  iron, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and a list of amino acids.

How to Store Fresh Turkey Eggs?

Refrigerate Turkey eggs in their carton and place in the shelves of the refrigerator. Follow the information on the pack.

What’s the Best Way to Eat Turkey Eggs?

Turkey eggs are delicious when fried, poached or boiled.

Enjoy the rich and creamy flavor of our Free Range Turkey Eggs! Our hens, the endangered heritage Standard Bronze Turkey, have been hatched & raised in family groups on Old Time Farm since 2013 without antibiotics or hormones and provided a custom, nutrient-dense feed to support reproductive health. Each jumbo egg is 1 1/2 times larger than the average chicken egg and beautifully speckled. Are you ready to enjoy a distinctive taste of history?


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