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Fertilized Ostrich Eggs


Fertilized Ostrich Eggs for sales

Our current price is $100per egg. Besides ducklings and chicks, we also sell ostrich hatching eggs for those of you that want to incubate and hatch your own ostriches on your farm.

Buy Fertilized Ostrich Eggs and Ostrich Chicks for sales

Buy Fertilized Ostrich Eggs, We Have available ostrich chickens and couple with a wide variety of fertile hatching eggs. We have, Ostrich eggs, Chicken eggs, Bantam chicken eggs,, Duck eggs, Turkey eggs, Guinea eggs, Quail eggs, Pheasant eggs, and Chukar partridge eggs. We focus on: Best Quality Affordable Price Deliver on time Healthy & Hygienic eggs We own one of the biggest Ostrich poultry farm we are professionals with much experience on incubation, hatching, we are professionals with much experience on incubation, hatching and raising chicks, our farm is currently looking for more buyers all over the world, with 19 years breeding, we equally have lot of experience on international markets. We supply Ostrich chicks, Ostrich Fertilized Hatching eggs, Ostrich feathers, Ostrich egg shells ostrich skin, ostrich meat, Manure and other Ostrich products at very good cost. We also supply many other ostrich products, like ostrich skin, ostrich empty egg shells, ostrich feathers at very competitive prices. Fertilized Ostrich Eggs

Buy Fertilized Ostrich Eggs Now 

Fertilized Ostrich Eggs
Fertilized Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich  Chicks And Adults Available For Sale At An Affordable Rate. Our chicks and eggs are healthy and very fertile. We supply the below ages of ostrich chicks: Day Old Ostrich, One Month Old Chick, Two Month Old Chick,
Three Month Chick, Four Month Old Chick, Five Month Old Chick, Six Month Old Chick And Adults Ostriches available. Here are the advantages ordering from First Choice Farmers:*Accept both Bulk And Small Orders* Birds Health Assurance*Pride Customers Satisfaction Fertilized Ostrich Eggs


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