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Faverolles Chickens For Sale


Buy Faverolles Chickens For Sale

Uses: Exhibition. Utility: Eggs
 160 – 200 Tinted.
Weight: Cock: 4.08 – 4.98Kg Hen: 3.4 – 4.3Kg
Bantam Cock: 1130 – 1360g, Hen: 907 – 1133g.
Colours: Black, Laced Blue, Buff, Cuckoo, Ermine, Salmon, White (Standardised UK).
Useful to Know: The name Faverolles comes from a village name in France. This means there is always an ‘s’ on the end of the spelling, even if we are talking about a single Faverolles chicken.

Buy Faverolles Chickens For Sale

Faverolles Chickens For Sale, Originating in France in the 1850’s, the Salmon Faverolle is a good dual purpose chicken being both a good layer and a large size bird. The Salmon Faverolle chicken has a calm and docile personality which makes them a favorite chicken for backyards. Their characteristics include beard or called muff, 5 toes and feathered shanks. They are not the strongest chicks we offer and can get dehydrated quickly during shipping. So be sure to have your brooder ready and all warmed up and baby them on arrival.

They lay a light brown egg and some might call it a peachy egg shell color. As adults don’t build roosting poles that are too high for them and always beware that they have that 5th toe that can be damaged easily if it gets caught by the wire fencing.

Deutscher Lachshühner

Faverolles Chickens For Sale
Faverolles Chickens For Sale

In Germany, the Faverolles is called the Deutscher Lachshühner. It was split from the French and the British Faverolles as early as 1905 into a separate breed. The Bantam (the first Bantam of the Faverolles Breed) followed in 1925. Unlike the British Faverolles, which traditionally needs double pen mating to produce show quality cocks and hens, the German Faverolles only needs a single pen to breed both sexes to show quality.

The standard for the Deutscher Lachshühner is Large Fowl Cock 3-4Kg Hen 2.5 – 3.25Kg Egg lay must be 160 in the first year minimum (this is tested nationally in Germany for all breeds). Hatching egg weight is 55 g minimum, and eggs are pale yellow-tinted in colour.

Bantam Cock 1200g, Hen 1000g. Egg lay must be 140 in the first year minimum. Hatching egg weight is 40g (this is a maximum/minimum weight, larger eggs from bantams are not wanted as that gives larger fowl. Eggs are a pale cream tinted in colour.

Developed in Northern France at the turn of the 20th century, Faverolles are a fluffy and feathery breed famous for their genial nature and good looks. Faverolles is a composite breed created from a combination of Cochins, Houdans and Dorkings that is big, strong and healthy in size, as well as being regular and reliable layers.

Other popular composite breeds from this period include Rhode Island RedsPlymouth RockWyandotte and Barnevelders however Faverolles are definitely one of the most fabulous. It will only take a matter of moments for these  friendly french ladies to soar into your hearts and minds. True love may be indescribable however read on if you’d like to discover the 5 reasons we are totally besotted with Faverolles chickens.

  All The Colours Of The Faverolle Rainbow!

Salmon faverolle rooster, Describing the wide variety of Faverolles plumage may not be as easy as “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” however true beauty has a habit of speaking for itself. Faverolles chickens are genuinely beautiful by nature and you’ll adore them, no matter what colour their plumage is. Black, buff, cuckoo, laced blue, salmon, white – there is basically a Faverolles to suit every chicken lovers unique taste.

Why not fill your backyard with a menagerie of festively feathered Faverolles to astound your envious poultry pals? Bring your backyard to life with the radiant colours and patterns of Faverolles chickens! Want to keep your flock’s feathers at their biggest and brightest? Find out how to ease your ladies through the pain of moulting season and get them back to their fluffy best by simply clicking here.

Faverolles are classified as a heavy breed and have a beard, muffs, feathered feet and five toes per foot, rather than the usual four. Faverolles are well adapted both to confinement and free range. When battery cages began to be used at the very beginning of the twentieth century, Faverolles tolerated the close confinement better than the Houdan breed. Thus, the Faverolles was the primary breed which produced eggs for the Paris market during the early part of the century.

Although primarily kept today as an ornamental and exhibition breed, it remains an excellent layer, as well as a fine meat chicken. The most common color is Salmon. The plumage of salmon females is mainly brown and creamy white. The males are darker, with black, brown, and straw-colored feathers.

This is one of our most favorite breeds here on the farm. They are beautiful, docile, friendly and hardy. The roosters love to get attention, follow us around, and like to sit on our laps. Nervous about having a rooster? This is the one to get.  Majestic, big and friendly, keeping the ladies in line, offering them treats but not harming them or their caretakers. They are wonderful for families and integrate well with other flock members or situations.

They tend to be on the low end of the flock hierarchy, due to their docile nature, so don’t put them in with very aggressive birds. If introducing other chickens to the flock, this breed takes newcomers in without question. They also bare confinement well.  They are a dual-purpose breed, meaning you can use them for both egg and meat production, they were developed in Paris for that purpose!  I have heard that the Salmon Faverolles are one of the best tasting birds!

They do well in all weather conditions and very well in our harsh Vermont weather.  The roosters combs can get frostbite so pay close attention to that. This breed is on the Livestock Conservation List as endangered and part of their purchase goes to helping Heritage Breeds. Please help us in keeping this gentle giant alive and well. We breed the Salmon colored Faverolles, which is not easy to do, the Salmon colorings are difficult and can change.

Maintaining the salmon coloring is challenging.  Faverolles chickens come in many color varieties, but The American Poultry Association, only recognizes the Salmon and the White varieties. The White variety was developed and refined about 1905. When most people think of the Faverolles breed it is the Salmon variety that they are thinking of. Salmon is a unique color pattern found exclusively on the Faverolles chicken. We are members of the Faverolles Club of the US and strive to meet the standard of perfection with our flock.

Salmon Favorelles chickens are medium-sized, with deep compact bodies, feathered legs,toes, and beards. With their “fluffy” appearance, it is easy to overlook the fact that this breed was developed with meat production and winter egg laying with the great Paris market in mind. Faverolles chickens combine early maturity, hardiness, and great egg-laying with those meat qualities we talked about.

During the 1900s it was considered the best French breed yet produced. Faverolles hens lay tinted tan eggs and are excellent sitters and mothers. They can go broody often. They are great pets, good with families and children.

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