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Buy Dong Tao chicken For Sale


Buy Dong Tao chicken For Sale

Dong Tao Dragon Chicken Facts

Temperament Friendly and Calm
Eggs 60 per year
Egg Shell Color Tinted
Use Meat
Weight Male: 13lb (6kg)
Female: 10lb (4.5kg)
Country of origin Vietnam
Status Rare
Foraging Good


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Buy Dong Tao chicken For Sale

Dong Tao History And Background

Dong Tao chicken is a common delicacy in several luxury restaurants. The chicken is slightly prized because of its delicious and delicate meat.

These chickens are common in Vietnam and are mainly raised for eggs, meat, and as pets too.

These chickens were once bred for their mandarins (bureaucrats) and for royalty or for ritual purposes.

The breed originally came from Dong Tao, in the Khoai Chau district, which is located about 17 miles from Hanoi and not far from Hoa Lu. The latter was the ancient royal capital of Vietnam.

Since they are large chicken breeds with scaly, thick, and dragon-like legs and feet are very rare, a male-female pair can sell for as much as $2500. It can take about eight months or more to reach maturity.

Today, Dong Tao chickens are ranked among the rarest chicken breeds globally, including countries such as the United States, Poland, Japan, and Germany. Several compulsory rituals were required during the Vietnam festivals.

The Dong Tao chickens were among the many integral parts of the rituals, especially during New Year’s family reunions.

Personality And Temperament

Although the Dong Tao chickens appear to tear someone apart, they are good-natured birds with a calm temperament. They develop trust with humans, especially their keepers, easily and quickly.

The birds can be cold-sensitive since it usually takes time for their full plumage to grow. However, they can easily manage fine walking around in the snow once all their feathers have developed. They become sensitive when the climate changes.

They tend to have awkward knees that are bent inwards. This seems to work in their favor as it helps in balancing between their huge feet huge legs.

Generally, chickens can fly over fences as high as 5 feet or more. Most chickens usually do this in search of food and will eventually return to their coop after finding it.

Dong Tao chickens can fly, too, regardless of their weight and size. However, they can hardly fly over heights of 3 feet or more.

Health Issues And Care

Despite its unusual bulk nature, the Dong Tao is considered a healthy chicken breed. However, they are known for being very sensitive to changes in weather.

Once a particular climate pattern, such as snow or cold weather, settles in, they will adjust very well. They have stout but fragile legs that you will have to take care of.

The chickens are usually healthy from a young age and are not born with any hereditary health issues. However, you will have to monitor them closely and treat any common poultry diseases that may come along.

Besides, they are susceptible to various parasites such as mites and lice. You should check them for these parasites and treat them from time to time.

Feeding and Nutrition

Dong Tao chickens are fond of feeding on insects. You will occasionally find them dining on crickets which is among their favorite foods. They can be also raised in a free-range environment for up to 2 years on a diet of natural bran.

You should offer your Dong Tao chickens enough commercial poultry feed to help in their growth and increase productivity.

Their diet should mainly comprise rice bran, borne flour, fish flour, corn, and a premix of minerals and vitamins.

Benefits of Raising Dong Tao Chickens

Buy Dong Tao chicken For Sale
Buy Dong Tao chicken For Sale

Dong Tao chickens are widely known because of their amazing appearance. Raising these chickens comes with several benefits. Here are some of them:

A Good Chicken Breed for Meat

The birds are good sources of poultry meat. They are generally heavy and huge; thus, a single chicken can supply enough meat for several people.

In addition, most breeders and keepers of these birds have said that they have sweet and delicious meat compared to most other breeds of chicken.

They Take Less Time to Mature

Dong Tao chickens are normally good in growth. Compared to most other chicken breeds, they take less time to attain maturity.

They can grow into their full form by the time they reach 27 weeks. Some may also take 15 to 21 weeks to mature.

Do Dong Tao chickens lay eggs?

Dong Tao hens lay approximately 60 eggs per year. With scientific methodology, 70 eggs per year may be possible. Egg color is typically tinted white. Hatching can be a challenge.


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