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Delaware Broiler


Delaware Broiler

Delaware were developed by George Ellis of Delaware in 1940 and were used for the production of broilers. The breed originated from crosses of Barred Plymouth Rock roosters and New Hampshire hens. A few off-colored sports were produced that were almost white with black barring on the hackles, primaries, secondaries, and tail. This coloration is very similar to the Colombian color pattern, but with the barring substituting for the black sections. For about twenty years the Delaware and the Delaware x New Hampshire cross were the most popular broiler chickens on the Delmarva Peninsula. Both the Delaware and the Delaware x New Hampshire cross were replaced by the Cornish x Rock cross that you see in grocery stores today.


Delaware Broiler

Delaware Broilers Developed in the 1940s, Delaware chickens resulted from crossing Rhode Island Red hens with Barred Plymouth Rock roosters. At one time, Delawares were widely used in the broiler industry, but the Livestock Conservancy — which monitors rare breeds — now lists them as threatened. The Delawares’ white bodies sport black barring on their necks and tails. Males mature early, tipping the scales at 8 pounds; hens are smaller at 6 pounds. Unlike some other broiler breeds, Delawares are also useful for small-scale egg production Be sure inform the seller you get the contact on Olist

The Delaware makes an excellent dual-purpose bird. They have an excellent lay rate, and a calm and friendly disposition. The breed is noted for rapid growth and fast feathering of the chicks. Cocks grow to 8-1/2 pounds and hens to 6-1/2 pounds. Our breeding program emphasizes carcass quality and growth rate in addition to the American Poultry Association’s (APA) standard for the breed.
Delaware males may be mated to New Hampshire or Rhode Island Red females and produce chicks of the Delaware color pattern. Delaware females mated to New Hampshire or Rhode Island Red males produce sex-linked offspring; the males having the Delaware color pattern and the females having the solid red color of the sires. Chicks from this second cross can even be sexed by their down color when hatched.
In addition to the American Poultry Association’s (APA) standard for the breed, our breeding program emphasizes size/weight at 12 weeks of age and lay rate as adults. Basically, we want a dual purpose bird that is growthy and lays a lot of eggs.

What two breeds make a Delaware chicken?

Delaware Breed History

The Delaware chicken is a relative newcomer to the chicken world and made their first appearance in the 1940s. They are actually the result of an offshoot of the New Hampshire and Plymouth Rock breed improvement program that was taking place in the 1940s.


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