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Buy Pekin Ducklings


Buy Pekin Ducklings

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Buy Pekin Ducklings

Baby Pekin Ducklings

  • Dual Purpose
  • 200 eggs annually
  • Gregarious, entertaining , chatty
  • Drakes 9.5 lbs Hens 8.5 lbs
  • APA Heavy Duck


If you raise ducks for meat, the Pekin is an excellent choice. It is the heaviest of all the ducks and is the main breed raised by commercial producers. In fact, 95% of the duck meat consumed in the US is Pekin.

Unlike many other species and breeds, we know exactly when and how Pekins came to the US. They were first imported to Long Island, New York, from China in 1873. For a short time, they were known as “Long Island Ducks.”

The Pekin is white, but with a tinge of yellow. The yellow is more pronounced in the under-feathers. The bill and legs are bright orange-yellow. Many stereotype drawings and images of ducks are probably based on the Pekin.


Chicks, Adult Male, Adult Female, Fertilize eggs


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