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Buy Mallard Ducks


Buy Mallard Ducks

Mallards are native to most countries in the Northern Hemispheres. It is thought that all domestic ducks except Muscovy are derived from the wild Mallard, or “Greenhead” as some call them. They are a small, flying duck that is hunted widely. Our Mallards retain this excellent flying ability. In addition, they do an excellent job of hatching and raising one or two broods of ducklings a year. Mallards start to fly for short spurts at 10-12 weeks and are flying very well by 16 weeks. It is also at about 14-16 weeks that the males get their beautiful coloring – prior to that both the males and females are similarly colored in shades of brown.

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Buy Mallard Ducks

Mallard Ducklings 

  • Dual purpose
  • 100-140 Eggs annually
  • Wild characteristics can be skittish, best in pairs, shy with humans
  • Drakes 2.5 lbs hen 2 lbs
  • APA Bantam ducks

Mallards are thought to be the most common duck on the planet. They provide lean, delicately flavored meat. They are beautiful and the ancestor of most other duck breeds.

Pairs are mostly monogamous, except males have been observed to actively pursue forced copulation outside of the pair. Sometimes several males will chase a single female. Like many other species of duck, paired Mallards have elaborate courtship displays. Nests are built in small scrapes and lined with straw and down from the female’s breast. Females alone incubate the eggs and care for the young.

The only breed of duck that is not descended from the Mallard is the Muscovy. All other breeds count this small, common duck as their ancestor. As the oldest and most common breed, the Mallard has a long history of being domesticated, hunted, and observed.

Today, it is the most commonly hunted duck in North America. There are Mallard habitats around the world as well. Domesticated Mallards will breed with feral populations so be careful that this doesn’t happen with your flock.



Chicks, Male Adult, Female Adult, Fertilize Eggs


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