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Is 2024 Buy Dong Tao Chicken Now Available


Is 2024 Buy Dong Tao Chicken Now Available and Eggs

Dong Tao Chicken is served in luxury restaurants. It is prized for its delicate and delicious meat. Dong Tao Chickens (ga Dong Tao in Vietnamese) are raised for meat, for eggs, and also as pets. They are very popular in Vietnam.

Buy Dong Tao Chicken and Eggs

Dong Tao Background and History

Is 2024 Buy Dong Tao Chicken Now Available  is served in luxury restaurants. It is prized for its delicate and delicious meat. Dong Tao Chickens (ga Dong Tao in Vietnamese) are raised for meat, for eggs, and also as pets. They are very popular in Vietnam.

But Dong Tao Chickens were once bred only for royalty and their mandarins (bureaucrats), or for ritual offerings, starting in Đông Tảo, in the Khoái Châu district, about 18 miles from Hanoi, not far from Hoa Lu, the ancient royal capital of Vietnam.

Because these very large chickens with thick, scaly, dragon-like legs and feet are very rare, and because they take 8 months or more to reach maturity—chickens more typically mature in 16 to 24 weeks, a female-male pair of Dong Tao Chickens can sell for as much as $2,500.

dong tao chickens

Breed Standard of Dong Tao Chickens

Is 2024 Buy Dong Tao Chicken Now Available is considered unique among dozens of chicken breeds in Vietnam.

The legs of Dong Tao Chickens grow as thick as a human’s wrist. The size of their legs is not just unusual for chickens; it is rare for any kind of bird their size

  • They are large birds that can be wider than a human holding one.
  • Their height is as tall or taller than a bottle.
  • Female Dong Tao Chicken feathers are a beautiful all-white, or white mixed with light brown, while roosters are multi-colored in auburn and red, grey, white and black. Chicks are white with black wings.
  • The feet of both females and males are covered in reddish scales, which is what gives them their resemblance to dragons.
  • Many delicious dishes are made from Dong Tao Chickens, which have firm, crisp, sweetmeat, pink brisket, and well-developed thigh meat.

The biggest pair of Dong Tao Chicken legs possibly on record, are soaked and preserved in alcohol. Each leg weighs 1 kg (2.2 pounds).

Part of the reason for the high price per chicken is that it can take 8 months to 1 year for a Dong Tao chick to mature. Typically chickens reach sexual maturity and begin laying eggs at 16 to 24 weeks.

Dong Tao Chickens can be bred specifically for meat or for their eggs.

  • Dong Tao hens are good mothers, are attentive to their eggs and sit on their brood much like other mother chickens normally do.
  • However, with their large legs and feet, Dong Tao hens sitting on their brood can be a bit dangerous.
  • Dong Tao hens lay 10-15 eggs for about 2-3 weeks, rest for a few weeks, and then do so again.
  • Dong Tao hens lay approximately 60 eggs per year.
  • With scientific methodology, 70 eggs per year may be possible.
  • Egg color is typically tinted white.
  • Hatching can be a challenge. In smaller operations, breeders may manually assist hens in laying their eggs, so that with their big feet, they won’t accidentally crush the eggs. In larger operations, Dong Tao breeders often use incubators.
  • Eggs can be shipped around the world to incubate, based on rules or restrictions that apply for each country.
  • Feeds Dong Tao Chickens rice and corn if you want them to produce eggs.

Because of difficulties raising Dong Tao broody hens for their eggs, raising Dong Tao Chickens for meat is more common. However, Dong Tao chicken hatching eggs can be purchased in the United States for $51-$55 per half dozen. Is 2024 Buy Dong Tao Chicken Now Available

Dong Tao Chicken Characteristics

Although Dong Tao chickens are highly prized, they are extremely difficult to breed and remain rare in Vietnam and internationally. They require stable, steady weather to lay consistently, and although some of these chickens can adapt to cooler weather, productivity falls. Even at peak productivity, hens only lay around 60 eggs a year. They also generally require careful monitoring and incubation as eggs left in the coop are likely to be crushed. They also grow slowly, requiring about eight months to reach maturity.


Despite the difficulty in breeding and raising Dong Tao chickens, they are still sought after because of their delicious meat. Although the light meat of the chicken is excellent, it’s really the dark meat that drives up demand. Their rich, oversized thighs and drumsticks are said to be incredibly delicious and have a perfect texture, while the large feet are considered a delicacy.

Appearance & Varieties

Dong Tao chickens are very large, with roosters reaching up to 13 pounds and hens ending up around 10 pounds. Both males and females have enlarged feet and legs covered with reddish scales, and males tend to have even more dramatic enlargement.

Female Dong Taos are generally pure white or white with brown speckles. Chicks have white down and black wings. Roosters can come in multiple colors—a red or auburn with a black breast is the most common. Auburn with a smattering of black, white, and gray feathers is also common, and occasionally roosters are white or mostly white. Both males and females have bright red pea combs and wattles.


“Experience the Majesty of Dong Tao Chickens!

Are you searching for a truly remarkable addition to your poultry flock? Look no further than the majestic Dong Tao chicken, renowned for its distinctive appearance and delectable meat.

Why Choose Dong Tao Chickens from Us?

1. **Exotic Beauty:** Dong Tao chickens are celebrated for their unique and striking appearance, characterized by their large, sturdy legs adorned with thick, scaly skin. With their regal stature and graceful demeanor, Dong Tao chickens are sure to captivate the hearts of poultry enthusiasts and admirers alike.

2. **Superior Meat Quality:** Beyond their impressive aesthetics, Dong Tao chickens are prized for their exceptional meat quality. Known for its tenderness, succulence, and rich flavor, Dong Tao chicken meat is a delicacy revered by chefs and connoisseurs around the world.

3. **Rare and Exclusive:** Due to their rarity and unique breeding requirements, Dong Tao chickens are considered a rare and exclusive breed. By acquiring Dong Tao chickens from us, you gain access to a coveted lineage that embodies the epitome of poultry excellence.

4. **Expertly Raised:** Our Dong Tao chickens are raised with the utmost care and attention to ensure their health, well-being, and genetic integrity. From hatch to harvest, our dedicated team adheres to strict standards of husbandry and nutrition to produce premium-quality birds that exceed expectations.

5. **Personalized Service:** We understand the importance of personalized service and are committed to providing you with guidance and support every step of the way. Whether you’re a seasoned breeder or a novice enthusiast, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in selecting, raising, and caring for your Dong Tao chickens.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to elevate your poultry collection with the magnificence of Dong Tao chickens. Contact us today to reserve your birds and embark on a journey of discovery and delight with these extraordinary creatures.

Note: Dong Tao chickens are a rare and specialized breed that require unique care and consideration. Ensure that you have the necessary resources, knowledge, and commitment to properly care for Dong Tao chickens before acquiring them. Additionally, be aware of any legal restrictions or regulations regarding the ownership and breeding of Dong Tao chickens in your area.



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