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Buy Caracal For Sale


Buy Caracal For Sale


Scientific name: Caracal caracal
Characteristics: [Intelligent, Sociable, Loving, Cuddling, Tamed & Outgoing]
Sex: Males and Females

Age: 2 Months Old


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Buy Caracal For Sale

Each Pet Comes With:
[Papers, Written Health Guarantee, One Month Food & Free Toys]
They are ready to go to their new homes today. Our shipping is totally safe and stress-free.

The Caracal kittens among small cats that can be legally kept as exotic pets. They are generally well mannered and have cat-like attitude and behaviors, only more wild. Like many household cats, the Caracal prefers to initiate the affection and play time with their keepers.

Beautiful African Caracal Kittens available. Hand raised and super sweet. Our kittens are fully domesticated, house-trained to excrete in the litter box and switched from bottle-feeding to meat, fish and poultry.

Caracal Pet“big cats” are native to the dry Savannah and woodlands of Central, Southern, and West Africa and can be found also in Southwest Asia and the Middle East. They will also inhabit evergreen and mountain forest environments, but never are found in tropical rain forests because they prefer scrubby and arid habitats.

Caracal kittens are often referred to as desert lynx, but do not actually share many physical attributes with the family. The black tuft of hair on its ears is actually one of the only shared traits with the lynx family. Caracals are the largest Africa’s small cats, males weighing as much as 40 pounds and females as much as 35. They are as tall as 20 inches and 39 inches long. They are known as the ‘desert lynx’ and are found in parts of Africa and Asia.

We have caracal cat for sale in TX, hand-raised, healthy, tame caracal pet, Caracal For Sale ready for a new home. caracal cat Book your appointment to own caracal kitten, caracal kittens for sale now.

-Up to date vaccination,
-Impeccable breeding standards,
-Health Guarantee,
-Outstanding temperament,
-Available Delivery
-DNA and Health Panel.


Male, Female


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