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Buy Bresse Hatching Eggs Online


Buy Bresse Hatching Eggs Online

Bresse are our family’s favorite table breed, ready for processing by 16 weeks of age.

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Buy Bresse Hatching Eggs Online

Bresse chickens are table birds that give the most delicious meat (and we’ve found they are also fine producers of large tinted eggs). While searching for a meat breed that we could produce on farm, without relying on buying chicks we discovered the Bresse.

Bresse are patriotic in their coloring, with bright red combs and wattles, white feathers and blue legs. Hens lay over 200 large eggs per year with a tinted shell.

Bresse fertile eggs for sale

At what age do Bresse chickens lay eggs?

Bresse hens will start laying around 4.5 months. This is around one month before other chicken breeds. If a Bresse hen is healthy and well-nourished, she can lay up to 250 eggs a year. The breed is a seasonal layer, which means they will stop laying in the winter months; typically between December and February.

How many eggs does a Bresse lay?

Besides being widely known for thier meat, bresse chickens are also excellent egg layers. When fed the right mixture of food a bresse hen in her prime can lay up to 250 eggs per year per hen. Bresse hens lay a large golden brown egg.

What color eggs do Bresse chickens lay?

cream colored
They can usually start laying eggs a month before other egg laying chickens. One of the characteristics that set them apart from other breeds is that they mature early. If the Bresse hen is healthy and well-nourished she can lay about 250 eggs per year. The eggs produced are a cream colored.

How long do Bresse chickens take to mature?

American Bresse chickens are not a fast-growing breed, but they are well worth the wait. Males reaching a mature weight of 6-7 pounds in about 16 weeks, and hens will average 4-5 pounds.

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