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Black Runner Ducks


Black Runner Ducks

All Runners were originally bred in Southeast Asia for high egg production and excellent mobility. There is evidence of their ancient ancestry from stone carvings in Java that are over 2000 years old. These ducks are still being used as they were then. Flocks of ducks are herded daily from field to field eating waste rice, weed seeds, insects, slugs and other bugs. They are then put in a bamboo pen at night where they lay their eggs and are released the following morning to clean other fields. During the course of their lives the ducks may cover hundreds of miles in their travels. Therefore a hardy mobile duck is absolutely necessary – you will not find a better foraging duck than the Runner.
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Black Runner Ducks

Black Runner ducks

Black Runner Ducks are tall, slender, dark black waterfowl with an upright stance. The Black Runner Ducks, like other colors of Runners, have a slightly nervous temperament and tend to run clustered together as a group. … Runner Ducks are good layers, averaging about 100-180 eggs per year.

Runner Ducks are one of the most unusual and striking fowl that one could find in a backyard flock. They hold themselves extremely upright with a tall and penguin-like posture. These pure black birds have a greenish-olive sheen and look particularly striking as a small group in the garden. Black Runner Ducks have brown eyes and dark coal-colored feet, legs, and bill.

Production: Runner Ducks are very excellent egg-laying ducks and can outlay many breeds of chickens. One can expect 100 to 180 eggs per year from Runner Ducks. Besides their egg-laying abilities, Runner Ducks are often incorporated into a small farm for insect control. They do not have broody tendencies.

Temperament: Black Runner Ducks always appear busy and industrious. They are energetic ducks, actively foraging throughout the entire day. They can be put to use as a sustainable and purposeful insect management team. This makes them a nice option for helping out in organic gardens and farms. They can be a bit nervous and high-strung, but they do herd very well. They make a good show and pet bird as well.

History: The Runner Duck is an ancient poultry breed. Although they were first imported into Europe and Great Britain in the 1500s, Runner Ducks already had a very ancient history in Indonesia and Southeastern Asia. They were raised and bred for both egg production and for controlling pests in the rice paddies. Black Runner Ducks were admitted into the APA in 1977.

How tall do black runner ducks get?

between 24 and 28 inches tall
Runner ducks are considered a lightweight breed with females weighing on average four to four and a half pounds and males weighing up to five pounds. Ducks are between 24 and 28 inches tall and drakes can measure up to 32 inches.


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