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Black Minorcas


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Black Minorcas were brought to England in the 1800’s from the island of Minorca in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. Black Minorca chicks are black with white wing tips, chests and abdomens. They have single combs and clean, black and white legs and feet. The plumage of adult males and females is greenish black, and they have large white earlobes. Like other black varieties, Black Minorcas may have some white plumage from hatch until the time they are fully mature. Once mature, female Minorcas are very good producers of large white eggs.

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The Minorca, Catalan: Gallina de Menorca, Spanish: Menorquina, is a breed of domestic chicken originating in the Mediterranean island of Menorca, in the Balearic Islands to the south-east of Spain.

The Minorca chicken takes its name for the Island of Minorca, off the coast of Spain, in the Mediterranean, where it once could be found in large numbers. Spanish tradition relays that the breed came to Spain from Africa, with the Moors. In fact, it was sometimes referred to as the “Moorish fowl.” Another popular history is that it came to Spain from Italy with the Romans. What we do know is that fowls of this type were widely distributed throughout the region known as Castile – the tablelands north of Madrid. It is clear that the Minorca chicken descends from the old Castilian fowl.


The Minorca has a unique physical trait that evokes plenty of stares and giggles; her earlobes are huge compared to most chicken breeds.

Large combs, wattles, and earlobes make winter-living not-so-easy. The large areas of fleshy skin exposed to the elements in winter make it difficult for the Minorca to avoid frostbite

With large hat-like wattles that droop down over the Minorca’s face, roosters match their elegant hens perfectly. Like a high-society couple at a roaring 20’s club.

Minorcas come in black and white, but the consensus is that the fave color is the sleek-like black color variety.

Their black feathers have a luminescent look to them, and when the sun hits just right, a greenish glow shimmers across their bodies. 

How many eggs do black Minorcas lay?

The Minorca is often kept as an ornamental breed. As a farm bird, it is an egg-laying breed. Hens start laying early, at about 26 weeks, and give about 120 white eggs per year.


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