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Buy Bielefelder

The Bielefelder (Bie-le-fel-der) chicken is a German rare breed of domestic chickens. It was created by Gerd Roth in the 1970’s using Amrocks (Barred Rocks), Malines, Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshire. It has gained the term the “Uber Chicken” due to it’s many desirable characteristics such as being a dual purpose bird and a auto-sexing breed. Male and female chicks look different directly after hatching which makes sexing the birds extremely easy. This breed are a prolific layer on large to extra large eggs. They have a very docile disposition and easy to tame, therefore they are very kid-friendly.

Buy Bielefelder

The Bielefelder Kennhuhn or Bielefelder is a German breed of domestic chicken. It was developed in the area of Bielefeld in the 1970s by Gerd Roth, who cross-bred birds of Malines and Welsumer stock with American Barred Rocks to create the breed.

Are Bielefelder chickens good egg layers?

The hens are friendly, gentle birds, excellent layers for a duel purpose breed, laying about 200 large dark brown eggs a year, and they are good winter layers.

History of Bielefelder Chickens

First, take the exceptional crafting and engineering of the German people, and you would have the Bielefelder chicken. They developed this breed in Bielefeld, Germany, at the start of the 1970s. Gerd Roth a poultry farmer created the Bielefelder chicken.

Prized for its high quality meat, the Bielefelder chicken came together after a number of breeds were brought together to create it. This included a variety of chickens like the New Hampshire, the Cuckoo Malines, the Wyandotte and the Amrock.

The Bielefelder chicken first came imported to the United States in 2011. Again, they imported unrelated Bielefelder bloodlines in 2013 and 2017.

With many of the other chicken breeds, a lot of hysteria overtakes the reality of the chicken, but Bielefelder presents true reason for the hype. You have a couple of characteristics that rank this chicken close to the top, such as:

  • Big and meaty carcasses
  • Auto-sexing function
  • Gentle temperament
  • Beautiful feathers
  • Laying of the largest brown eggs

If you were to buy a single breed, the Bielefelder hands you the whole package from a single chicken. Along with some of these traits, Bielefelders act resistant to cold, and they have no motivation to fly. Many poultry farmers consider the Bielefelder the dual purpose breed, and they seek this one out because it offers many distinguished advantages.

Are Bielefelder chickens Autosexing?

The Bielefelder is commonly referred to as the über-chicken. Their dual purpose utility, huge eggs, auto-sexing function, gentle temperaments, and beautiful feathers make them a top choice in almost every category.
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