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Barred Cochin Bantam


Barred Cochin Bantam

Cochin Bantams
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Barred, Birchen, Black, Black Tailed Red, Blue, Brown Red, Buff, Buff Columbian, Columbian, Golden Laced, Lemon Blue, Mottled, Partridge, Red, Silver Laced, Silver Penciled & White


Barred Cochin Bantam

At Global Poultry Co. Ltd®, we offer several different types of the Cochin Bantam, including the Barred Cochin Bantam. If you’re not familiar with this chicken breed, it is a miniature version of the Standard Cochin. For more than a century these chickens were admitted to the American Poultry Standard of Perfection, and they make great pets and mothers for chicks. The standard version of the breed, the Barred Cochin Bantam, is an excellent choice, so place your order today. For more details about the Barred Cochin Chicken, please contact us!

Barred Cochin Chicken

What does a mottled Cochin Bantam chick look like?

Mottled Cochin Bantam

Cochins are heavily feathered down the shanks and toes and appear to be much larger than they actually are. … Cochins have a lustrous, greenish black base color with many of the feathers tipped in white – a color contrast that really makes them stand out in a flock.

Are Cochin roosters aggressive?

Barred cochin rooster are calm, friendly birds. Even the roosters are known for being fairly mellow. The boys rarely get aggressive, mean, or quarrelsome. However, the bantam boys are not so mellow – they can be feisty, aggressive, and fight for territory.


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