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Andalusian Hatching Eggs


Andalusian Hatching Eggs

The Andalusian is a very popular breed at North East Poultry. Due to its striking apearance and rare breed stature. The Andalusian is a very good layer of large white eggs, it is estimated that the Andalusian will lay around 165-200 eggs per year. Orignally from spain was introduced to England around 1851.
As with all blue birds, breeding blue to blue will produce blue, black and splash chicks, this is due to a wastage in getting blue plumage gene, leaving blue black and splash chicks.
At north east poultry we have three blue Andalusian females, and one splash female running with two Blue Andalusian cockerels. We are getting a constent supply of hatching eggs. Priced at £1.50 each. We also offer day old chicks £5 each or £40 for 10. Point Of Lay (POL) Pullets also available from £15 each. Please contact for availablilty.

Andalusian Hatching Eggs

The Andalusian chicken breed is one of the most interesting, both in terms of its history and its unique appearance. This breed is quite old, and it has remained a valued member of many chicken enthusiasts’ flocks over the years.

Although it is now much more difficult to find, the rare Andalusian chicken is still a wonderful addition when keepers are searching for a beautiful, productive bird.


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