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African Guinea Fowl

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African Guinea Fowl

Sold as Babs or Adult 

Pounds of feed needed to raise
to adult size per guinea
25 pounds
Cost of guinea appropriate feed $0.42-0.32 per pound
Cost to raise guinea to adult size $8-10 each
Cost to feed adult guineas per month $1.60 each
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African Guinea Fowl, Our Guinea fowl are definitely different than most other birds around the farm. They are very loud, capable and mobile. They frequently roost in trees or the rafters of the barn.

Where can I find guinea fowl ?

Guineafowl species are almost in the entire range, others more localized, such as the plumed guinea fowl in USA .

How much will the keets cost?

There is a bit of a price spread for the day old keets, depending upon which hatchery and color you choose.

Overall, most places are pretty close for the most common color, which is pearl.

The other more unusual colors like lavender, coral blue or royal purple will cost you $1.50-2.50 more per keet.

Is it worth the extra money? If the more unusual colors call to you, maybe so. If you are planning on eating them, probably not.

Adult Guineas

guinea fowl for sale, sound an alarm whenever anything unusual occurs on the farm. Most people find this noise to be a nuisance, others find it to be an effective tool for protecting the farm and make guinea fowl the farmyard “watchdogs.” The loud noise of the guineas has also  been shown to discourage rodents from invading the area.

They are also great pest control. Flocks of guineas can kill and eat mice, along with small rats. Guineas eat mainly insects and can eat large amounts without affecting garden vegetables or flowers. They have been used to control ticks, grasshoppers, flies, and crickets; flocks have also been known to attack snakes. Additionally, guinea fowl can be raised for meat and egg production. The meat of young guineas is tender and tastes like that of wild game while being lean and rich in essential amino acids. Guinea eggs can be eaten just like chicken eggs (and should be collected daily if not used for hatching purposes).

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What is the rarest color of guinea fowl?

Opaline Guineas are a pale blue-white color and are quite rare. As keets, the Opaline Guineaa will appear to be almost white with a tint of blue on their head and back. Porcelain Guineas are pale, pastel, creamy-blue fowl with white dots. Porcelain Guinea hens tend to be a little darker.

How many guinea fowl should I buy?

It is recommended to have an absolute minimum of 3 guinea fowls and not more than 30 birds per acre. This way, they won’t feel stressed and unsafe in small groups or start fighting when there are too many. If they are confined, keep the group small, 6-8 guineas, and limit to one male.

2 reviews for African Guinea Fowl

  1. Nilda

    I love Guinea Fowl!! Their Pla-Kank!
    Pla-Kank! Sound is adorable to me Thanks For Shipping safely

  2. Bahis

    I love my guinea fowl. They are bonded with me and we chat. They come and tell me their news. They are so brave. They have held back foxes and goannas. The goannas were lard – 5 foot long.

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