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Breeding Farms

Breeding Farms


Breeding Farms


Globalpoultrycoltd supplies day-old grandparent and parent stock for our own use and to a few, We breed, raise and provide our own proprietary selected lines of feather sexable chicks within our Feather Sexing Program. We also work on improving sex-link, auto-sexing lines and vent sexing lines. 

Some of our lines are bred for production type while others are bred to met the American Standard of Perfection. A lot of our rare breeds and bantams are bred from exhibition/show stock. We have about 65,000 poultry in production on about 60 chicken farms.

We spread our breeders out on numerous farms to decrease our exposure to loss due to possible disease outbreak. Most of our flocks are placed on Amish farms and eggs are brought into our 30,000 square feet hatchery (Lebanon location) every Thursday. Since 1936 we have focused on selective breeding to produce disease resistant and productive poultry for the backyard or farm use. Globalpoultrycoltd brand has established a long history of continuous improvements in producing strong and healthy baby chicks.

We are equally the largest producer and distributor of shell eggs in the United States. Our mission is to be the most sustainable producer and reliable supplier of consistent, high quality fresh shell eggs and egg products in the country, demonstrating a “Culture of Sustainability” in everything we do, and creating value for our shareholders, customers, team members and communities. We sell most of our shell eggs in the southwestern, southeastern, mid-western and mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. and aim to maintain efficient, state-of-the-art operations located close to our customers. We were founded in 1957 by the late Fred R. Adams, Jr. and are headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

The Company has one operating segment, which is the production, grading, packaging, marketing and distribution of shell eggs. Our integrated operations consist of hatching chicks, growing and maintaining flocks of pullets, layers, and breeders, manufacturing feed, and producing, processing, packaging, and distributing shell eggs. Layers are mature female chickens, pullets are female chickens usually under 18 weeks of age, and breeders are male and female chickens used to produce fertile eggs to be hatched for egg production flocks.

Over time, we have acquired other companies in our industry. Since 1989 through our fiscal year ended May 29, 2021, we have completed 22 acquisitions ranging in size from 160 thousand layers to 7.5 million layers. In addition, subsequent to our fiscal 2021, we acquired the remaining 50% membership interest in Red River Valley Egg Farm, LLC, effective June 1, 2021.