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To deliver quality products, we rely on a team that is dedicated to innovating every single day. We are more than 100 thousand employees in the entire world. A numerous team that has a global vision, while at the same time pays attention to local needs.

Global Poultry Co.Ltd has been in existence since 2006 breeding birds of different breeds. As such we have a great experience and confidence in doing what we know best. which is breeding of birds.

Our portfolio includes over several brands represent the company around the world with the same purpose: producing high standard fresh and frozen chicken that ends up in our consumer’s table.

However, we can’t do all that by ourselves: apart from our employees, we count on the support of over 13 thousand integrated producers, over 30 thousand supplies and 240 thousand consumers worldwide. Operating in this manner empowers small humane acts and expands the personal development possibilities. That is the constitution of our great community, which is diverse, entrepreneurial and passionate.


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Most important value is people. The people who aspire to and perform the activities that drive our company on its path of innovation, globalization, quality and sustainable management.

 The culture of our company, is a set of initiatives, values and attributes that change everything: our connection to markets, the relations between managers and teams, the partnership between departments and even the motivation that drives us in our day-to-day activities. 

Our company is a life philosophy, not a corporate one, in which we are the protagonists and responsible for expanding and transforming it in accordance with regional and cultural particularities. We believe in combining our differences to strengthen our relationships and ensure that everyone, from all units around the world, is working on the same page.